What a BEAST! - Fujifilm GFX100s has launched

Larger than Full Frame - Fujifilm has launched the new and very compact GFX100s MF system and we have to say it looks beautiful.

First thing we noticed was it size or lack of let's say, it's so damn small for a MF system and similar in size to say a Canon R5 and weighing in at a mere 900 grams and its size is 150mm x 104mm x 87mm.

Now without going into all of its specs and details here is a summary.

102 megapixel

BSi sensor

IBIS - New - smaller lighter improved - up to 6 stops

New smaller shutter system

Improved autofocus

Improved Eye detect Focus tracking

16 Bit

New Custom Function dial

4K/30P Video 10 bit

400mp pixel shift

Overall Fujifilm have given us a beast of a camera in a very small body with great ergonomics, without losing any of its features from its predecessor the GFX100.

They have also changed the battery, so the GFX100s now uses the same battery as the XT4, if you own one of those you can now share batteries. Now thats a bonus...Don't let a smaller battery deter you though because with the smaller lighter system of the GFX100s this battery actually gives you better performance than its previous version. So a win win all round.

We like that Fujifilm keep pushing the boundaries with their systems and the GFX100s is no exception in every way. Who thought a 102MP medium format system with this much functionality and capability would come in a package so small and light?

More impressively who thought we could get all this for a mere £5499.00!

Just to put that into perspective a 100MP Phase one system will set you back around £35, 000, without a lens and with no video capabilities either; and the Hasselblad H6D 400 mp will set you back a whopping £43,000!! (Fujifilm include 400mp pixel shift for FREE!)

Now that is even more impressive. It seems Fujifilm are well on there way to making Medium format affordable for the masses, therefore skipping the FF battle.

We think it's a wise move and get forward thinking.

We think the world of MF is getting very exciting and Fujifilm are certainly leading the way in innovation. Well Done Fujifilm! We will have more features coming with the GFX100s as soon as we have one in our hands for testing.

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