We've Reached 50 EPISODES Folks!!

Well, after a lot of effort, time, may be some blood, sweat & tears too, we've reached a happy milestone and hit 50 EPISODES!

It's certainly been a fun journey so far and we'd like to thank all of our listeners, in over 36 countries, for tuning into me an Jake witter on for over 2 years, joining in with some of the fun conversations we've had and of course a HUGE thank you to all our creative guests from all over the world.

To our listeners, YOU ARE AWESOME! - and without your ears tuning into our show every two weeks PODLAMANIA wouldn't be where it is today. For that we sincerely THANK YOU.

And to our ever so lovely guests, you just make up our whole show and we wold like to thank you for being the super creative people you are and sharing your creative talent, advice and knowledge with us for all our listeners to enjoy. It's been a pleasure with every single one of you, and we think of you all as 'Friends' now and part of the Podlamania Family.

Me and Jake will be continuing to bring you even more fun and interesting interviews with the worlds greatest creative talents from the Photography and Video/Cinema world.

Please stay tuned in and don't forget to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE... leave us your comments on all the podcast players you use as it really helps us in the rankings.

Again, THANK YOU to all you lovely people.

Wayne & Jake www.waynejohns.com


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