Rødecaster Pro - New 'Portable' Addition

We recently added another fab piece of podcasting equipment to our arsenal, The Rodcecaster pro, which enables us to be more streamlined and also take things on travels with us, when we go to see guests.

Use on the move with no mains power!

We've been using the Rodecaster pro for a little while now and its proving to be an awesome piece of kit, especially when we have to haul all our recording kit on location when we travel to see guests to record 'in person' interviews for your guys.

Once you get this thing set up for your voice and your microphones, you're ready to rock.

Happy with this new investment and the way it was helping the production of our show; Røde then went and made it a little bit better.

  • Battery power They then went and created and accessory kit for the Rødecaster Pro unit, which came with an awesome power bank and power adapter which no enables us to take this bad boy on the road and still record sessions with no mains power supply... we can now operate this unit purely by battery power, thanks to Røde.

  • Leads It also comes equipped with all your USB-C leads, phone leads, TRRS jack leads for mobile phone connection, and 4 6.3mm Jack connectors for your headphones.

  • On the Go Thank you Røde, what a great addition to an already great piece of kit. Now we can easily take our Ro6decaster Pro on the road and on our travels for when we go to record on location episodes with our Guests...Awesome!

More good episodes coming soon

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