Podlamania Merchandise

We always like to listen to all your comments and suggestions, even the silly ones. lol.

I have to say we were quite taken back when a lot of you have been asking if there will be any 'Podlamania Merchandise' available to buy.

Well, we're putting it out there to you all... Would you like to see any 'Podlamania Merchandise' ? and if so what type of merchandise would you like to see....

The usual suspects are T-Shirts, hoody's, Caps, Hats, Mugs and even bags...

The important question, apart from having our Podlamania logo on these items, what else would you like to see? Some people have asked for some of our slogans, some quite bizarrely have even asked for some of our Photos from the website! I know strange right! haha

We would like to hear your comments on what you would LIKE, so we can make the decision on what to give you....

Please drop us your suggestions, so we can make get these things out there for you.

If you're a fan of the show, and not so interested in Merchandise but would like to help support the show and keep it running, especially during these Covid 19 times, then you can easily make a 'Donation' or 'Buy us a Drink' on our DONATE page, just HERE.

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