Podcast Editing with Waves plugins

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

I'm just trying out the new 'Content Creator Audio Toolkit' plugins from Waves, for editing spoken word/podcasting.

I have to say, first impressions, I'm pretty impressed so far!

I've only downloaded the trial version, which gives me 7 days to play around with it, but after a little play it does a pretty damn good job on most things.

The user interface is so so nice to use.

I recorded some basic spoken word audio in through my #rodecasterPro interface and made sure all audio processing in that unit was turned off, http://en.rode.com/interfaces/rodecasterpro

The audio was recorded direct into #LogicProX, which is my #DAW of choice, then the #Wavesaudio 'Content Creator Audio Toolkit' https://www.waves.com/bundles/content-creator-audio-toolkit#introducing-the-content-creator-audio-toolkit

Not gonna lie, it impressed me more than I thought it would and in just a few seconds.... Damn nice!

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