Livestream Podcast episode - 'FAIL'

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Our first live broadcast, started well......

Well folks, we tried to bring you our first ever LIVE podcast episode from Fujifilm's House Of Photography Concept store in Covent Garden, London, where we interviewed Fujifilm UK's 'Big Boss Man' Theo Georghiades...

What Happened?

“We were were supercharged and ready to go, Jake even washed his hair for the cameras.”

We thought we would live stream this episode on Facebook with ideo too, so our listeners could tune in from all over the world and listen & watch at the same time.

All our intentions were good, our camera were set up and looking good, our audio was good, we looked ....well.... ok i suppose.... and we were ready to go...all was looking like a big thumbs up.

Except the one thing we didn't account for, poor internet connection in the house of Photography which kept dropping our connection around every 7 minutes!

What a pain in the A**e... after several attempts of restarting the LIVE video feed, after seeing the chats rooms go down and the guests dropping off due to continued drop outs, we knew we couldn't keep you all live and entertained and had to admit Live streaming defeat.

That didn't stop us recording the episode, as we were though, and we still produced it and got it up online for you all to listen too. :)

Keep em coming!

Maybe we'll try it again in the future, only this time we'll be prepared !

Keep listening people, remember to subscribe and keep your questions coming.

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