Getting creative in 'COVID-19' lockdown

It's a very surreal time for a lot of people across the world at the moment with the Covid-19 pandemic, a frightening time and a time where all our business' and day to day life are affected!

This post is really to shine a lighter note on things and really to encourage being creative while being at home.

So what fun things can we do?

Well, apart from the obvious side of shooting fun things and even learning to shoot new things we perhaps haven't shot or don't normally shoot. It's certainly a good time to learn new shooting skills, who knows you may even find a new strength in your skill set.

Personally, I've been doing a few fun things during this period of lockdown, and I really encourage you to open up your mind and really go out there and have fun.

So I've made some things for the studio, this is more a DIY related item for your studio.

  • Apple Boxes Now for those who don't know what these are, they are wooden Prop boxes of a set size used in the film and photographic industry, they normally come in a set of 4 different sizes (a full, a half, a 1/4 and a wedge or pancake) and these are used for a multiplex of things.

  • What do we use them for? We can use these for sitting on, for our talent to sit on, for propping up equipment, using as table tops, set props or what ever you want to use them for... Heck you can even pop your cup of coffee on one and use it as a mini table top.. :)

  • Build or Buy Now these can be expensive and range anywhere from £150.00 to £200.00 for a set of 4, and sometimes we can at least a couple of sets of these, starts getting expensive!

  • So why not make your own? That's exactly what I did! Now I understand if you're not very good at DIY or very handy with tools then this may not be for you...but if you are then this can be a whole lot of fun and save you some serious money. A full sheet of plywood is around the £24.00 price tag.

  • How do you do it That bits not as difficult as it sounds, you can order an 8 x 4 foot sheet of 12.5mm plywood from your local DIY/Hardware store (if the store has the facility they will even cut it for in store for FREE), then it's just a case of marking out you sizes/template for all your cuts...Cut them all our (if not already done for you in store) and get ready to build them and put them together.

  • Tools Now I have a lot of tools as I love DIY and building things. Below is a list of tools and finishing materials I used during my build, but you can use a different methods if you like.

* Wood Glue

* Tape measure

* Pencil

* Clamps (to hold it all together if you don't use screws) ,

* Nail gun or screws (your choice)

* Drill

* Jigsaw (or Coping saw if doing by hand)

* Palm router for rounding the edges and finger slots (or use sandpaper by hand if you don't have one),

Finishing option, Now you can either leave these in their natural wood state, they do look and feel really nice, or you can give them a bit of protection with some Matt finish Polyurethane varnish, the wipe on kind is best and dries much quicker too.

Have a go yourself, it's certainly a fun little creative project with a win win set of Apple boxes for your studio at the end of it..... Let me know how you get on and share your pics too.

You can here some other fun things both Wayne and Jake have been getting up to in Episode 26 of our Podcast. Listen to it here

Share your builds too, let us see how you got on...If you have any questions just us an email.


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