Fujifilm XF 50mm F1.... Yes I said F1.. !!

I've just taken delivery of this little beauty for testing.

As some of you maybe aware I shoot Fujifilm X series and GFX series camera systems for all my commercial work and have done now for many years.

Full Disclosure: I'm also very honoured to be a Fujifilm X Ambassador. Recently we had a meeting with the gods of Fujifilm UK at HQ (secret location I can't share as I'd have to kill you lol),, with details of the launch of the NEW XF 50mm F/1 lens - which all the info has now been made public anyway.

That info aside, I'm fortunate enough to have taken delivery of one of these prototype today for 2 weeks testing... I know.. How fun is this going to be!

I've already had a play during our meeting and I'm already melting with it's performance and super super shallow depth of field at F/1...... It's crazy!

I can already tell you, one of these will definitely end up in my camera bag when they're available to buy.

I can't wait to get into shooting with this now for the next 14 days, I'm sure I'll do a youtube video somewhere on this, and really can't wait to get it onto my camera...

For those interested, I'll be popping this little (not so little) beauty onto my #FujifilmXT4 Camera.

A match made in heaven I know!

50mm F/2 56mm F/1.2 50mm F/1

A big thanks to #Fujifilmx_uk for being so lovely and letting me have this for the next 2 weeks.... It's a joy to represent the brand in all my commercial work and a joy to have these little benefits like this.

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