Fujifilm Expo 2020 - See what NEW things they have coming...its exciting for sure!

Today I was lucky enough to be present at the Fujifilm Expo 2020, which was broadcast LIVE from the Fujifilm 'House of Photography' Concept store in Covent Garden, London.

These expos' are generally the time where manufacturers release info, details and physical 'look see's' of the new cameras, lenses, tech and firmware releases and believe me Fujifilm did not disappoint here.

You can watch the the Expo broadcast here, where we get to look at the NEW X100V, news of an XT4 (with further details coming on the 26th), new lenses for both XF and GF mount, and some amazing firmware upgrades that will blow you away if you're a GFX shooter... Two words - PIXEL SHIFT!

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