Episode 28 with Benjamin Von Wong

Episode 28 with Von Wong is such an interesting episode that is filled with some helpful insight into Ben's creative mind and how he approaches even the concept of putting a shoot together.

He clearly explains and gives examples that it's NOT all about the 'gear', and in fact when travelling to different countries to collaborate on such shoots he just uses the lighting equipment people have lying around and makes it work.

Ben, has gone from Photographer, to Visual Artist/activist, to surreal story teller and producing some amazing Art installations. If you're not familiar with Ben's work I urge you to pop on over to his Art website www.vonwong.com and take a look... Breathtaking is a word I would use.

He offers plenty of videos and BTS films of these projects, so you can appreciate the time and effort that goes into producing some of these pieces.

Here are some links to the various sites of Ben's work, including his latest podcast channel too.

- The Art: www.vonwong.com

- The Unforgettable Campaigns: www.unforgettablelabs.com

- The Gram: www.Instagram.com/vonwong/

- The Podcast: www.impacteverywhere.org

- The YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/TheVonWong/videos

Your Hosts:

Wayne Johns & Jake Hicks

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