Do you love Conceptual & Surrealist Photography?

Then Episode 33 of the Podcast, with Hugh Kretschmer is definitely for you.

Hugh is an award winning Editorial & Advertising Photographer, but with a conceptual surreal twist in his work.

If you think looking at his images is confusing, then wait til you see how he puts them together.... it's not all as Photoshopped as you might think, which is why Hugh's work is so damn good and so interesting!

The majority of Hugh's work is all done in camera; Hugh's creative mind works first as an 'Illustrator' then as a photographer, but what he creates are stunning surreal conceptual images with immense depth and meaning.

There's certainly no use of a green screen in use here!

His clients include the likes of Vanity Fair, New York Times, Rolling Stone, National Geographic, Fortune, Sony, Toyota, Honda and many many more...

If you want to enter a mind bending experience, in the world of creative imagery then hop on over to Hugh's website and dive straight in.


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