COVID 19 has affected everyone..

COVID 19 has affected everyone and that includes our podcasting!

This post is really to send a little apology to our fans & listeners of Podlamania Podcast.

Covid 19 has affected our frequency of podcast episode and our schedules to record them with some of our guests. We have had some personal things to deal with ourselves during this Pandemic which has been the main cause for missing a couple of episodes and their release dates.

At the time of writing this post though you'll be pleased to know that we're getting back on track, albeit a little slowly, but Episode 30 with Fashion & Advertising Photographer James Nader ( out and LIVE.

Get on over to your favourite podcast player and give that one a listen now.... Don't forget to subscribe and to give us a like.

A big thanks to all our listeners, and thank you for sticking with us during these terrible times, keep your ears peeled though because we have an almighty line up of super talented guests, from both the Photography and Video/Cinema world, coming your way.

Not to be missed for sure!

Thanks folks.....

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