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Mar 2020

Episode 23 Dan Kennedy Fashion & Celebrity Portrait Photographer

March 1, 2020

Episode 23 Dan Kennedy Fashion & Celebrity Portrait Photographer

Dan has been a Fashion & Celebrity Portrait Photographer for over 28 years, photographing some of the worlds greatest A-list stars including Angelina Jolie and Keira Knightley.

His clients include the likes of the Saturday/Sunday Times magazine, Hollywood porter & Bill Board U.S. with commercial clients Estee Lauder, Disney , Marks 7 Spencers and more..

Dan begin his career shooting for his local newspaper as a press photographer before moving to London to pursue different direction.

Wayne and Jake pop along to Dan’s offices in London, the goldfish bowl as we called it.

We sit down with a nice coffee and get Dan to spill the beans on the life of a Celebrity Portrait photographer, what he does and how he does it… He shares details on the fast paced streamlined process needed for shooting these kind of portraits. Time is short so you need to have control in the room and be able to build a fast rapport with your subject and get 3 or 4 looks in a short time.

How does Dan make his subjects feel relaxed and get the best out of them, we pick his brains on his workflow and making that happen.

We find out what his favourite lighting kit is what cameras he uses and why, and also ask him what do Photographers need to do today to get noticed and booked.

Dan shares the importance of shooting personal work and the impact in can have on getting recognised and booked for commercial jobs.

A new feature to the show, we hit Dan with the fun ‘Rapid Fire Round’ of 10 questions… lets see how he does on this one…

We discuss Dan’s Celebrity portrait Workshops, which are full of amazing information, insights, techniques and tips, that is supported by Dan’s amazing energy and personality.. A workshop not to be missed!

This was a fun episode and Dan is an amazing Photographer and educator, shooting some of the worlds greatest celebrities.

Dan has been very generous and kindly given all you lovely listeners some discount codes for his workshops and Mentoring Taster Sessions, I've gotta say his workshops are awesome and you'll learn a ton of good stuff.

Workshop & Mentoring Discount Codes:

Website: www.danielkennedy.com/

Instagram: @dankennedyphoto/

Podcast: www.danielkennedy.com/podcasts

Workshops: www.dankennedyworkshops.com/

We also take a moment at the end to answer any listener questions with regards to film, but if you have any other questions about film and analogue that weren’t covered in this episode, we’d love to hear them.

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