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Feb 2020

Episode 22 Wayne Johns & Jake Hicks FILM IS NOT DEAD

February 15, 2020

Valentines Day Special with just Wayne Johns and Jake Hicks talking about everything analogue. Is film really dead?

Join Wayne and Jake as They discuss what role film and older analogue cameras has in todays photography market. Why should you pick up an old film camera? What are the benefits of going medium format over 35mm? Which medium format film camera should you jump in with?

We also get a little technical on the process involved of actually shooting film. What do we need to be aware of when shooting film over digital. Elements many modern photographers take for granted like adjusting the ISO, auto focus, White balance, and of course actually SEEING the image afterwards. How do we get some digital, sharable files from our film shots.
All of theses elements are major considerations in film, but are there actually any benefits to be had from shooting film beyond the simple ‘challenge’ itself? We take a step back from digital ‘perfection’ for a moment and embrace the ‘happy accidents’ that shooting with film can offer, and with it, the inevitable creativity that comes with that. If you’re feeling like your creatively and inspiration is waning, maybe it’s time to be inspired by film once again.

We also take a moment at the end to answer any listener questions with regards to film, but if you have any other questions about film and analogue that weren’t covered in this episode, we’d love to hear them.

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