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Feb 2020

Episode 21 Alastair Jolly Lets talk Smugmug, Flickr and Smugmug Films

February 1, 2020

Episode 21 Alastair Jolly Lets talk SmugMug and Flickr

Alastair Jolly used to be a full time Wedding Photographer for 16 years, then left the industry, over 8 years ago, to take on the role of Global Marketing Manager for SmugMug, the very well known software company that provides website building and hosting services for Photographers and creatives.

A couple of years ago SmugMug purchased, or saved as Alastair liked to put it, the very well known photo social and sharing site Flickr.

Wayne and Jake dive a little into Alastair’s life as a photographer, we find out if being Scottish means you naturally like whisky, but we really get stuck into the world of SmugMug and Flickr.

Alastair tells us that both platforms are certainly very different and both offer users different tools for different things, but both support and compliment each other very well.

We were interested to see what SmugMug offers its users in terms of a website building and hosting platform and how easy it can be to create a beautiful looking website to share with the world and why it’s important to have that presence, and how they incorporate a print selling service into your website, than can help increase your profits.

Flickr are getting an upgrade, and we want to find out what’s happening, when and what it means for its 10’s of millions of users. Will the 2 platforms merge? Let’s find out!

Another thing that's come to our attention on the scene is SmugMug Films, let’s get into that one for sure, what’s it about and where can we see it…

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Website: www.smugmug.com
Instagram: @alastairjolly 

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