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Jan 2020

Episode 20 Clay Cook Fashion Portrait Advertising Photographer

January 15, 2020

Episode 20 Clay Cook Fashion, Portrait & Advertising Photographer

Clay Cook used to be a musician in the band ‘In The Clear’, but life took him on a different path and into the world of photography, where he quickly put his own stamp on things and made a reputable name for himself as a Fashion, Portrait and Advertising Photographer.

A quick summary of 2019 for him and what interesting things 2020 has in store.

We take  a little look into Clay’s work, and how he’s got where he is today, but not just his commercial work, Clay has been involved in some other ‘Global Focus’ with some very interesting projects to support causes around the world and to help bring it to the attention of the people.

We also look at what gear he takes with him on his travels for these projects, we’re interested to see if he travels light..

We try to find out what makes a Clay Cook image, how he gets what he does out of his subjects and how he gets there.

A little talk about business and the industry, is being a photographer easy? - Let’s take look at some of the challenges it can throw up.

Why has Clay just installed a Sauna in his house? - Let’s find that one out for sure.

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