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Fashion, Beauty Advertising Photographer, Director & Educator


It takes talent to know talent, and Wayne understands that better than anyone. Want to find out more about him? 

Learn more about his great work as a Photographer.

Fashion, Portrait, Photographer & Educator


Jake is among the most talented Co-hosts on the team. Jakes world is full of colour and he's already an essential family member.

Learn more about his great work as a Photographer.


Our Best Side



Who are we?

Podlamania is your top choice for an interesting and educational Photography and Video Podcast, hosted by Professional Photographers Wayne Johns and Jake Hicks. 


With fantastic interviews with some of the planets greatest creative talents from the Photography, Video and Cinema world.

There's always something interesting to learn with some great stories, tips and advice from our guests;  you’ll never get bored listening to our podcast.


Tune in and let our hosts entertain you with amazing interviews, insight, industry knowledge, fascinating events, some hilarious stories and more.

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